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You might have noticed that I have been rather quiet for the past two months, at least I hope that you have, although (let’s face it) in writing a blog one always has the risk of speaking to an empty room…

Never the les, I wanted to explain that there have been a couple of reasons behind this quiet period at .

On the one hand, I spent a few weeks designing and consolidating our company’s blog; on the other, I launched a business blog in Spanish at Womenalia, the international network for female professionals where male are welcome.

I am beginning to be happy with the first one though I must admit that it is a rather different experience to writing a personal blog (for yourself and your friends). You have to attempt reflecting your company’s expertise and value without loosing authenticity. ( If you have not tried this, I would advise you to do so as it is a very interesting exercise.) Naturally there is an alignment (if there is not , you may want to reconsider your approach); but you need to be much more audience aware, in a way that I had never been. (You may visit it and see for yourself here)

The second project is something I wanted to do for a long time. As an expat living in Great Britain I have learnt a lot of things that I wish i would have known when I first came to London, back in 98. I have called the blog “Invisible borders” (referring to those we impose upon ourselves daily) and so far I have written about volunteering (here), bootstrapping (here), the myth of the employment certainty (here) and my personal list of excuses to postpone the jump on to my own business (here). (You may visit it here, and remember that if you are not a Spanish speaker you can always use online translating devices)

I have a few recipes on the way and hopefully some restaurant reviews so stay tune and bear with me!

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