Month: January 2015

Manage your emotions

Our family has just undergone some surgery. Without going into details specially as the operation was a success and we are on the up, I will say that it was a serious one. There are many things I draw from experiences such as this but from this specific one, it has been the realisation that the tricks I use to manage difficult situations at work can also be used in a more personal context. People tend to think that, because of the emotions involved, familiar situations are unlike those we face daily at work. It s my opinion however, that in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed in times of crisis, one can always apply the same logic to any difficult situation.

My top animation movies

After spending Christmas with a slight Disney saturation caused by watching, discussing and listening to “Frozen” one too many times, I was wondering how could it be that I am not able to enjoy the movie that much. Th is is a movie that has reigned the planet for a year yet, and I (a fan of animated movies) cannot get into it or see what the fuss is about. After long consideration, I have realised that it simply isn’t my kind of movie.