Year: 2015

Taylor Wessing 2015: a theme & the odd one out

I know a very experienced photographer who, each year, attends this exhibition with his photographer friends. During their visit, each looks at the images separately, analyse the themes/threads that run across the awarded works, and dissect them at the pub to understand the judges criteria. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a rather mathematical  approach, especially for an art award. I wondered whether it could possibly be as easy as he suggested to see those emerging topics and so, yesterday, after reading a reference within the ES magazine that reminded me it was that time of the year already, I decided to take on the challenge and see for myself.

Happy World Architecture Day 2015

I was looking for a photo of “me as a stereotypical architect” and I think I found the perfect one: This photo was taken by a dear friend and I think that you could easily play “how to spot an architect”: Dressed in black (to simplify the morning rituals), Camper shoes (for comfort), Cycling friendly clothing (to be able to jump on the bike to go to meetings or site at any time), large bag (we no longer carry portfolios but still carry large bags) and a foldable umbrella …which lives in the bag (to give us shelter anytime) …Gosh! After all that, back to the story: I decided that my contribution to this day will be sharing my chapter in an on-going project we have at NAWIC titled “Ask the…”. It is a collection of mini interviews with professionals of the construction industry to share an insight to their daily lives as well as their journey to get there with the next generation in mind. It is available for free online and as the project grows we hope that it will become a …


You might have noticed that I have been rather quiet for the past two months, at least I hope that you have, although (let’s face it) in writing a blog one always has the risk of speaking to an empty room… Never the les, I wanted to explain that there have been a couple of reasons behind this quiet period at . On the one hand, I spent a few weeks designing and consolidating our company’s blog; on the other, I launched a business blog in Spanish at Womenalia, the international network for female professionals where male are welcome.

Bye bye CZWG

The team at CZWG Architects Llp, 6th of March 2015 Czwg has been my home from home for the past eight years and their team of amazing people my dysfunctional family. Yesterday , after long consideration, my time there came to an end leading the way to my own adventures to come. To celebrate our time together,I chose a Donostia 2016 inspired send off. Pintxos, tapas and lovely bread and olives provided by my wonderful colleague Wilson . The occasion called for a speech and I wanted to make sure covered everything i wanted to cover, so here is my leaving speech:

MIMOCA, Marugame

“Yoshio Taniguchi is world renown for his beautiful museums. His attention to detail extends beyond the obvious and the tangible to the subconscious idea of beautify and balance that we all recognise but cannot define. His prescriptive yet considerate approach makes sure that his buildings deliver the most appropriate response to both surroundings and exhibits from day one. The Marugame museum is both a public space and a building.

Izu Photo Museum, Izu

“The Izu Photo Museum is part of the Clematis no Oka, a beautiful complex that combines art and nature at the slow pace of the hills of mount Takayama. It is a very understated yet beautiful building where every detail has been designed with the light touch of an intrinsically Japanese manner. The building feels like a journey, a story told through a series of spaces, and gardens that interlink naturally, unpretentiously, allowing the exhibition to talk to the visitor without interruption.

Nara Centennial Hall, Nara

“A creature like building cladded in traditional fish-scale like ibushi style tiles, must have looked completely futuristic as it emerged from the most intriguing pantadome system. It was the first building of the kind where precast concrete panels were used to erect both walls and roof simultaneously. The overall appearance, to Isozaki’s credit, mixes successfully tradition and future and still feels contemporary all those years later.” (Extracted from the Mimoa Project Page I created: here)

Manage your emotions

Our family has just undergone some surgery. Without going into details specially as the operation was a success and we are on the up, I will say that it was a serious one. There are many things I draw from experiences such as this but from this specific one, it has been the realisation that the tricks I use to manage difficult situations at work can also be used in a more personal context. People tend to think that, because of the emotions involved, familiar situations are unlike those we face daily at work. It s my opinion however, that in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed in times of crisis, one can always apply the same logic to any difficult situation.

My top animation movies

After spending Christmas with a slight Disney saturation caused by watching, discussing and listening to “Frozen” one too many times, I was wondering how could it be that I am not able to enjoy the movie that much. Th is is a movie that has reigned the planet for a year yet, and I (a fan of animated movies) cannot get into it or see what the fuss is about. After long consideration, I have realised that it simply isn’t my kind of movie.