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Gallery sitting, Shad Thames, London

This weekend I am “gallery sitting” for my friends at Anise gallery as the gallery has been selected to feature at this year’s Cologne Art Fair. (Very exciting indeed)

The gallery is located in a rather beautiful part of town (Shad Thames) and as such it is a joy to come to work.

2014-10-25 17.19.22

Gallery sitting is a rather different job than the one I normally do, and it has many enjoyable aspects to it:

  • It is great , for instance , to share the insights of someone’s work with visitors and help them enjoy the paintings.
  • It is also fantastic to see the surprise in the eyes of visitors when they first come through the door .

And to me, the best of all is the interaction itself.

When I chose architecture, I expected to work in partnership with clients in designs that would be focused around their lives. Yet, I have spent many years producing large developments without getting to know most of the occupiers .

It is funny to think that I miss this collaborative approach so much that when it came to designing the framework for our own practice (the one i set up with my husband) this idea of a partnership was so high on my list.

Going back to the exhibition…

its title is “Contemplative Nature” and it showcases the works of Shigetomo and Setsuko Suzuki, for the first time outside Japan.


Cannon by Setsuko Suzuki

“The contours of the everyday in ‘Life’ allow hints of vibrant red through. For Setusko, red is the happiness that lies behind everything, even the mundane, and the glimpses of colour show that; should one let it, happiness can emerge to the surface”


Damp by Shigetomo Suzuki

“An eerie wetland landscape that Shigetomo found in Alaska during one of his journeys, signifies the beginning of this cycle . The fertile land with an abundance of nature’s most precious of resources, awaits quietly to be colonised by the trees and plants that will follow.”

It is a very charming exhibition that picks up from the Gallery’s own architectural ethos, and explores the relationship of both artists with the world, from two contrasting points of view.

As our media becomes populated by news on global warming and the built environment, the universal ideas embodied in the work of both artists is attracting the interest of people from both the East and West who, like Shigetomo and Setsuko, look to understand or find a world to call their own.

Aside the exhibition itself, and one of the perks of being here this weekend was to see first hand the D*table by D*haus , a company that in the past few years has been exploring the boundaries of mobile homes and furniture and whose work is both imaginative and inspiring.

Paintings by Setsuko and Shigetomo Suzuki (featured at “Contemplative nature” at Anise Gallery from the 4th of October)

Photographs by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate
Writing by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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