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(The hair piece I wore was designed and made by me with several varieties of Ebay feathers and glue. I only finished it in my father’s car on my way to the hairdressers)

Eight years ago, last Monday, and after 4 months of preparation, my husband and I got married.

Ours was a very short relationship (as boyfriend and girlfriend that is) but we knew that it made sense to get married. (I never thought I would want to marry anyone but when he suggested it , it “felt right”… cliche but true)


The idea of a traditional, well planned, wedding attended by too many people, however, felt like a nightmare (to us at least). Luckily for us, the paperwork required for us to marry each other set a bearable time frame of 3 to 4 months in which to organise everything.

With that in mind, we called the town hall in San Sebastian, booked the first available date and began work on the preparations . (Top tip: Remember that you don’t need that much stuff to have a wonderful day and a quick deadline focuses your mind and stops you form going off plan)

At ours, everything was “bespoke”,”hand made” and made possible thanks to our craft and a little help from friends and family.

From the rings we made at the Rust Made in England workshop (over two weekends ) to the dress (designed by my mom and a friend of mine and made by her mom) we approached everything as though it was a project.

At a time when nobody did this kind of things ,or maybe did not share the results with the world, it seemed like we were making our lives difficult but we are architects and had never liked the dominating aesthetic trends in the world of pink and fluffy.

The day itself was great (as Mom reminds me every year). Even my long time friend The Moon was enormous. (I now know it was an evening of harvest moon )

Looking back, and this will make sense to anyone who knows me, my main objective was for our guests to have an unforgettable time : the vegetarians, the allergic , the fussy, those who drink, those who don’t, the ones who could only come for a while, those who were not sure whether they would make it until the last minute and even those who never called to say they were not coming….The old, the young, the Japanese, the Basque, the Ugandan, the Catalan, the Riojan, the Spanish, The English, the Greek , the Iranian, the Vietnamese,  the French, the Chinese, the Icelandic, the Taiwanese the United-States-ian (Yes guys, America is a continent and I will not say it) and of course my Mockba- born father.

I think we had a great time and looking at it with the benefit of hindsight, and the context of today’s world, we were not making our lives difficult simply showing those we love that we wanted the day to be as good for them as it would be for us with our beloved Donostia as the most gorgeous backdrop.

Photography by Francisco Javier Lanz-Azcarate
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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