Month: September 2014


(The hair piece I wore was designed and made by me with several varieties of Ebay feathers and glue. I only finished it in my father’s car on my way to the hairdressers) Eight years ago, last Monday, and after 4 months of preparation, my husband and I got married. Ours was a very short relationship (as boyfriend and girlfriend that is) but we knew that it made sense to get married. (I never thought I would want to marry anyone but when he suggested it , it “felt right”… cliche but true)

Kazimir Malevich : a black square as a full stop

See on – on art and design The many lives of Malevich are all in his paintings, now on show in a fascinating retrospective at Tate Modern, writes Adrian Searle atelier EURA Scrapbook‘s insight: Visiting Malevich’s exhibition at the Tate modern is a journey through a significant part of the history of Europe . One that has greatly influenced many who followed. From architects o artists, it is easy to see the importance and influences that Malevich’s work had in the year that followed him.

A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ chance: Tate it!

See on – on art and design Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs brings together 130 colourful works including four blue nudes never before displayed together in UK atelier EURA Scrapbook‘s insight: With the title “Matisse-A cut above the rest” (a program by Alastair Sooke to be found on Youtube these days) The Culture Show inaugurated the summer and flooded our homes with delight and colour. The program , which had the Tate’s exhibition as a starting point, allowed us to meet the characters that surrounded Matisse through his later years. From artistic aids to the nuns at the Chapelle du Rosaire, Matisse’s companions painted a picture unknown to me: a portrait of the master.