Month: August 2014

Open thank you letter to The Corner Room team

Dear The Corner Room team, Thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality on the celebrations of my mother’s 69th birthday yesterday afternoon. She had a fantastic day and you were an integral part of it. My family had a wonderful time , and as ever, the food and wine were delicious and the service fantastic. We  look forward to returning to your restaurant sometime soon.

ArtAngel spectra: London’s centenary beam of light

See on – on design Londoners were surprised with a stunning beam of light towering above the city on Monday’s First World War centenary atelier EURA Scrapbook‘s insight: The past two weeks have been, to the world as a whole and the UK in particular, a time to remember those who took part in the war that changed the way the world fought for ever. For someone as against conflict as I am, the idea of celebrating a bloody occurrence in the first place springs to mind conflicting feelings which at 40 I am not able to fully articulate. And , as an architect, the idea of celebrating a bloody occurrence through a permanent sculpture even more so.

BP Portrait Award 2014

See on – on design This year’s BP Portrait Award exhibition presents a compelling sense of narrative, says Florence Waters atelier EURA Scrapbook‘s insight: Visiting the BP Portrait award last Saturday felt , as it generally does, like taking a journey though time. A journey that took me back to my student years when , freshly arrived to the UK, I decided to submit and entry titled “Mad cow”. The entry, a self portrait, featured a mug (with the words on) with the tired eyes of an architectural student gazing back at the viewer. It was a portrait that I still like because of its honesty, but in truth rather amateurish. I must clear and confess that I never imagined being in with a chance to win any of the awards. All I wanted was the chance to be featured at the exhibition. More than ten years on, after seeing the level of entries rocket year after year, I could not imagine having the same audacity now. There would be a lot to discuss …