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Mentoring programs within construction industry

To live is to learn” , my gran used top say. Without getting all sentimental, I must acknowledge that she probably was the first mentor I ever had. A person full of knowledge and experience ready to share it with me without the telling off bit .

I have always believed that I am who I am because of both my life long experiences and the people I have shared them with.

I am very aware and forever grateful to the people who have contributed to my life and shared their wisdom with me and so it was that, last summer, as my 40th year of life showed up above the horizon, I realised that the time had come for me to formally put my own knowledge and experience to good use and join a mentoring program.

The one I chose was the Fluid Diversity Mentoring programme . It has been a great experience thatI would recommend to anyone. Hence this list of mentoring opportunities

Fluid Diversity Mentoring Programme
“The FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme is an innovative scheme developed by RIBA’s Architects for Change (AfC) committee and the Construction Industry Council, to address the retention and development of talented practitioners from diverse backgrounds for management and leadership roles in the built environment. ”

Project Catalyst Peer to Peer,

Mentoring Skills development
WAVE (Women Adding Value to the Economy)

Construction Ambassadors

Get Mentoring
“Get Mentoring was a public-private sector partnership initiative to unlock, train and support a community of enterprise mentors across the UK. Our aim was to recruit and train thousands of mentors from the micro, small and medium-sized business community.”

Mentoring a Young person
West Midlands Construction

The girls’ network
A charity that puts together girls and womens with the aim to inspire.

Speed mentoring events
SouthBank Centre (keep and eye around International Women’s Day)

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