Month: June 2014


Two Sundays ago I watched Maleficient, the latest Sleeping Beauty version of Disney which is focused on showing the point of view of the Fairy called Maleficient (the wicked witch) rather than the Princess Aurora’s. I must say, this already caught my attention as I have never been able to relate to Aurora. It is not a movie that changed my life, and there were some errors of continuity that confused my rational brain but it did however have some really interesting points… and Maleficient herself was a rather interesting character.

David Hockney 2009, A Bigger Picture (video)

As the Summer Exhibition opens its doors at the Royal Academy once more, a beautiful BBC video from 2009 came to mind. At the time I was writing a blog on art and these are the words that accompanied my post: “I rarely watch tv and I never watch tv that late, but somehow the stars might have been lined up because I really enjoyed this program. It was a program about Hockney and the piece he made for the Summer Exhibition, and it showed a side of Hockney which, I feel, has never been shown.