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I am only going to ask the question:

How are things going to change for future generations if media (as well as the older generations) still uses females as props when illustrating the (construction) industry?


A crew arrives at an office and ask a partner, a male and suited partner, to pretend to be discussing a project with “someone” for the camera…

One may assume that survival instinct and the need to avoid looking foolish and falling into clichés,  one would choose a member of their own team to have a conversation with … about an actual project they know and understand.

Except, of course, that “… (a female employee) is much prettier than … (the male employee who is actually doing the work) “.  And of course,  the scene is not set to encourage an intelligent fake conversation but for the partner to give the female employee instructions in front of the camera and for her to submissively agree with everything he says…

Nice one!

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