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Time to go back to basics?

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Multitasking can seem like an advantage, especially in the business world, but constantly performing several tasks at once can lead to a drop in productivity. The bad effects of multitasking take …

atelier EURA Scrapbook‘s insight:

We have all read articles like this one pointing out that actually, what we have now learn to call multitasking is actually beginning to create a variety of problem in the work environment.


I have to be honest and put my hand up for that it has most definitely affected me.


A few years back, the arrival of the Ipad helped me deal with a workload that I could not have otherwise. Running a large project on site was rather demanding. A lot of queries bombarded me each minute of the day. The team on site kept going till 11 pm and often by the time I arrived to the office (having left at 8 and 9 ) my inbox was so full of questions that I had time for nothing else but emailing… And then of course there were the meetings… so many of them! (all expected, you may say for a project of that scale )


The tablet allowed me to type minutes and email them almost from the meeting I was attending, allowed me to interact with my team off site despite being physically apart and to read my emails and respond them on my way in and out of work or between site and office.


What was a great way to free up my time in order to focus on the task in hand, eventually became the norm, and a bit like in that movie where a guy with a remote control skips through his life, I too found myself trapped in a world where I was being expected to read emails at 9pm or actively participate on discussions during my holidays.


Even my reading and podcast listening went down! I imagined that the Kindle app would allow me to read books and relax on the bus, but instead, the endless amount of emails, twitter messages and other types of white noise around all portable devices made me drift like a boat at the mercy of the ocean.


I only have myself to blame. You are right! And that is why I decided to focus! I learnt zen whilst at university and in truth, it is probably the ability to block thoughts off my mind that has kept me going but I knew i needed a more drastic solution.


I have spent the last couple of months simplifying my life and going back to basics, and slowly but surely seems to be working:


As the first step, and for portability reasons, I purchased on Ebay a second hand Kindle (the super basic one with the horrid typic system) and rescued my mp3 player from the back of my cupboard .


Using both, not at the same time, it seems to be having a positive effect on me. I am reading books, from the beginning to the end, and catching up with my favourite podcasts.


I also have a paper diary. Yes! I know. But also works. It is almost march and i am still writing things down.


I am setting myself some key routines and even have managed to see some of my friends since january and keep in regular contact with my family. Lets seen if it lasts but , for now, at least, i remain positive.

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