Month: February 2014

Make time

Last Christmas my eldest niece and I had a chat on the day prior to my departure. She was moody and I knew that she was not impressed with the fact that I was leaving so early. “Last year you stayed longer! Why do you have to leave early?” “You are right, I stayed longer, but I also arrived later. I missed the Christmas function, St. Thomas and I did not go to school to pick you up. So overall, I stayed less time here” “Hum… still, why don’t you come more often to see us? I don’t feel I can talk to you!” She is right! why don’t I…? Is life so much more important than they are? I am actually not convinced about that.

Wedding in La rioja

In 2012 my cousin married her childhood sweetheart in a lovely ceremony which, because of the rain, took place in a barn. The ceremony was charming, the lunch delicious and the dancing stupendous. Unfortunately, we did not have much of a chance to take outdoor photographs for the book I was to put together and so, a few months later, they came to London  (with the wedding outfits in their suitcase) for us to do a session at one of the most beautiful locations of London: Hampstead Heath . It was a lot of fun, but should this  thought ever cross your mind, there are some lessons to be learnt from our experience: Avoid those days when the temperature reaches 30 degree celsius. The best of the British summer is that this should not be difficult… unless you are us. Make sure that the backdrops you plan to use are not covered with scaffoldings… Although to be fair, I doubt there are many people who have a photo of the bride in front to a building …

Sebastian’s micro library in Lewisham

(This is a piece about a colleague of mine that I recently wrote for my 6 year old niece in a collaboration we are doing) Today I will be telling you a story in English. It is the story of the smallest library we have in London: The Lewisham Micro-Library. It is in Lewinsham (South East London) and it is open every day, all day. You do not have to be a member to borrow the books, there is nobody at the door controling if peope take books and you never need to be worried about finding the door closed because it has no lock on the door. It is a library inside a telephone box.