by cristina lanz azcarate
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NAWIC Speed Networking Event

You might be aware (through my LinkedIn profile) that I have recently taken over the role of London and South East Representative at #NAWICUK (National Association of Women in Construction UK). I.e. for those of you in the region interested in joining us, I would be your rep!

Now, you might wonder: “what is #NAWIC and why is it of interest to me?”

To cut the story short, it is an organization which was set up in Texas in the fifties to support the development of the female side of the industry providing a set up for like minded professionals to meet, discuss and develop professionally. We get involved, amongst others, in mentoring, networking, training and sharing of best practice…

The website is currently under construction so, for now at least, you might have to take my word for it… However, if you are interested in finding out more and would like a taster, do come and join us at the Speed Networking event that we have organised for the 18th of September.

Come on your own or bring a friend or colleague from the industry and join us at Anise Gallery. (A link to the event is displayed on the right hand side of this post)

The event is free and intends to be a fun yet efficient way to build links within the community… It is worth noting that you do need to book though it as the type of event requires a bit of planning ahead from our side.

I also wanted to mention that for those of you who have access to Twitter, we have set up an account to keep the London and South East community updated @NAWICLDN .

We will be distributing useful tips via twitter prior to event to help everyone relax about what is expected and we will have a speaker providing tips on how to get the best out of this experience prior to the event. You will notice tha there is hardly any excuse left to not pop by.

I hope to see you there !

By the way, we are looking for sponsors for a variety of events so do please let me know if your company would be interested in sponsoring any of the NAWIC events! Events range from networking events, site visits, conferences, workshops and more, and there are other regions which may suit your target market better, so please ask!.

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