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Housing standards

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This consultation seeks views on the results of the recent review of building regulations and housing standards.

atelier EURA Scrapbook‘s insight:

It is hard to be an architect in the UK … especially because it is often difficult to convey to the general public the added value that we bring to the table.

Many people tend to imagine that architects are a sort of glorified DIY planner whose’s job could easily be done by anybody. Unfortunately, the fact that in this country, there is no need for the architectural body to sign buildings off, would appear to support that argument.

However, thanks to the #RIBA team behind #HomeWise, with their Without Space + Light campaign, we might still have a chance for the average citizen to get a better understanding of the contribution that good quality space planning (dare I say architecture) can bring to the their day to day life.

After months of campaign by the Royal Institute of British Architects’ concerned citizens, the Government published this week their “Housing Standards Review: Consultation” Papers which recognise the need for minimum space standards across the board and open the debate to the public. This consultation will close on the 22nd of October so do have a look.

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