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Rajoy Punishes Exporters Sustaining Spain’s Economy

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Aliberico SL survived Spain’s economic crisis by expanding sales of aluminum panels in the U.S., Brazil and Morocco. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s plan to raise corporate taxes may undermine the company’s efforts.

Scrapbook‘s insight:

One from the heart today!

Every time I read news such as these my blood boils : Firstly because the current situation has been contributed not only by the Spaniards, but also a global speculation (despite no one talking about this) and secondly because those in charge never help or empower the average citizen. They only depend on and take from them.

Spain is a country with many capable people who deserve an opportunity to take care of themselves, yet the government and the systems in place make it almost impossible for anyone to do so, whilst clearly those in Europe do not even realise.

Ok, an example: In the UK, where I currently reside, you have a chance to get out and find some way to make a living. There are resources to assist you setting up a company, loans, start-up initiatives and street markets, where you can sell what you make including food! In Spain though, it is… complicated.

You need to fit in a box and there are, I am told, a very limited amount of boxes to fit in! If you are living in 2013 (not just passing by) you will be aware that the world is more complex than a category based box ticking exercise, and I do believe that the systems should keep up with the times if there is any hope to survive! Here is my thinking…

I will “put it out there” in the hope that someone grabs it,

1. In Spain, most people know how to make a tortilla (Spanish omelettes)

2. Many of those who can make tortilla are unemployed.

3. The people who are working are trying to explore ways to stretch their euros but often don’t have time to make their own pack lunches.

4. If the people, who can make tortilla, were able to sell the tortilla to those needing to buy an affordable lunch to take to work, they could be making money and take care of their families.

Could they not? NOT in Spain. Because selling food in the street is illegal! So instead, those people who have a skill that could provide a useful service and help taking care of their own family cannot utilise it.

The way I see it, call me subversive (a friend of mine already did), by not allowing those mothers/ fathers to make a living and feed their children, the system is taking away their basic human rights!

So, here is my proposal: I call it the #tortillarevolution o #revoluciondelatortilla . What could the system do if people made tortillas and sold them in the street? Tortillas made with the same love and care that is used when prepared for the family.

Spanish traditional tortillas!

The one dish that unites the country.

Could they stop everyone?

Could they?

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For my tortilla recipe follow this link

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