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Connect, Then Lead

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Scrapbook‘s insight:

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have attended a networking event where there was someone passing cards without any other interaction… worryingly, I have also wintnessed this in business through my career.

Personally, I chose not to conduct myself in this manner because I find it uncomfortable and because I am fully aware of the key role that any of the teams I have ever lead have played in the success of each one of the projects, and I know that connectig at a personal level is vital.

Over the years I have learnt a lot from some of the people I have worked with. Sometimes positively, sometimes not so, however, it is thanks to both that I am the person I am and it is because of this that I am grateful.

Here are the best tricks I have learnt to keep a strong team spirit:

1. Always take responsibility and lead by example, never asking from others more than you ask from yourself.

2. Nobody is prefect, not even you. Acknowledge it and take responsibility.

3. Mistakes are allowed so long as you learn from them and correct them, as a team, as soon as possible. The team’s mistakes are also yours.

4. Discussion is encouraged, blaming culture is not.

5. Alway find a link between you and the other person. Something that you have in common and you can escape to when the going gets tough.

6. Be open. The more a team knows about the project and where to access information from, the safer the project will be.

7. Be available, even when you are busy. A minute discussion can safe hours of frustration.

8. Understand that your role in the team is a role, not a position of power.

10. Everybody can have a bad day. Respect each other’s space.

11. Do not tell people how long something wil take, ask.

12. Provide a sense of ownership. People thrive when they are allowed to.

13. There is not such a thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers.

If everything else fails… the biscuit tin and a coffee break are a good reminder that you are only human.

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