Month: June 2013

Priorities, Groups, a book and Mentoring

It has been a while since I began to consider that, at my age (not fishing for compliments, just stating the numerically correct), I should be able to give something back. Last year was a tough one with the project, the professional registration, setting up of the atelier and our familiar circumstances. All and all it was intense, and I could not allow myself looking in a further future than the one my surviving mode required: the continuous present. Ironically, the event that made me face the future was a discussion with both my six and four year old nieces over Christmas. As I presented them with images of the project that has kept me busy for all their lives, the six year old looked at me un-impressed as though it was not worth the time I had spent away from them, and the four year old asked me why “a girl” would want to do a “boy’s” job!