Year: 2013

Are you looking for great ideas? Part 1

Every time I travel I seem to collect ideas which are so good that i wish they could be implemented everywhere. Unfortunately, many are beyond my area of expertise and I would not know who to share them with. It is because of this that i have decided to use the blog to “put them out there” in the hope that someone gets hold of them and does something about them. Here is a random selection or the so called Part 1

My favourite podcasts (for now)

As you know, i am an architect, and although times have changed , architects still spend a lot of time drawing. Personally, i need to be listening to something whilst i work as it keeps my mind focused and alert. It can either be music , an audio book or more frequently a podcast. I have, for a while wanted to share those i have learnt and / or enjoyed most using the platform of my blog, so here they are:

NAWIC Speed Networking Event

You might be aware (through my LinkedIn profile) that I have recently taken over the role of London and South East Representative at #NAWICUK (National Association of Women in Construction UK). I.e. for those of you in the region interested in joining us, I would be your rep! Now, you might wonder: “what is #NAWIC and why is it of interest to me?” To cut the story short, it is an organization which was set up in Texas in the fifties to support the development of the female side of the industry providing a set up for like minded professionals to meet, discuss and develop professionally. We get involved, amongst others, in mentoring, networking, training and sharing of best practice…

A lovely day (London)

“To be tired of London is to be tired of life” someone said. I must admit that there are days when the city gets to you but those can easily be cured by a bike ride along the river bank, a visit to the Tate Gallery or a bowl of noodles in China Town. And if it is luxury you are after, nothing lovelier than a black cab ride over any of the bridges or the number 9 or 15 heritage ride on a Routemaster . London is amazing. It is small enough to be able to walk, and large enough to be able to feel the benefits of anonymity.