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Today will be a day that i will always remember .

It is not particularly bright, or sunny, in London though I am told that was in Tokyo. A fine autumn day to part, I guess.

I have waited for months, even years for this day to arrive, watching first hand the effects that the terrible “C” imposes upon people’s lives. And if it is true that one in three of us are to go through it at some point, let us try to get ready. Not for the moment of that last breath but for a journey which will take as long as it takes.

Every minute of life leading to the time when that final day arrives is precious and will always be cherished by those around us beyond that day.

Despite the demands of our busy lives, let’s not forget to live.

Ps. Just a line to thank the wonderful doctor who has taken this journey with us who has not only been there for our family but whose generosity makes give drive every weekend to the area surrounding Fukushima to monitor those exposed to the radiation. The world is full of unsung heroes.

Photography by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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