by cristina lanz azcarate
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Lemon Posset (from “Historias de una cocina Londinense”)

Gloria, the mother of one of my high school friends, taught me how to make this little treat and her recipe has stayed with me all this time.

As it generally happens, the ingredients are the same but, through sheer practice, I have come to some conclusions regarding the process of preparation which I am happy to share with you in this forum that the blog provides me with.

Cooking time: 20 minutes + 9 hours of cooling
This mix makes 8 small pots


1. I use a nutmeg grinder to avoid large pieces of rind/zest.

2. Use set yogurt for this recipe. I have tried to use Greek one and the mix failed to set.

3. Fold the condensed milk first and then add the lemon or the acidity of the lemon may split the yogurt.

4. Whisk by hand as it is easier to control the result. You will also notice the thickening, whilst you would not so if using the machine.

5. This is a very rich dessert so I would stay away from large portions. However, a chocolate truffle goes well on the side.


500g of set yogurt

475g pot of condensed milk

Juice of 1.5 lemons

Rind/zest of 1 Lemon

Cooking Instructions:

Grind the rind/zest of the lemon with a small grinder. The smaller the pieces the better.

Whisk the set yogurt until the consistency loosens up and becomes creamy.

Fold the condensed milk in and follow with the lemon juice. Whisk further until both mix evenly with the yogurt.

Try to introduce as much air, through the whisking process, as you can as it will bring up be nicer texture when complete. When the consistency thickens, fold in the lemon peel until smooth.

Finally pour in small dishes and cover with clear film before you place them on the fridge to cool.

The texture will gain consistency as it cools down, therefore I would recommend making all the preparations the previous day.

Photograph by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate
Recipe by Gloria Zubizarreta and Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

Please feel free to use this recipe for your own personal use, not commercially. All images and recipes are the property of the author/s as specified and all rights are reserved. If you wanted to share any of the information provided, send a link to the website but do not extract/copy the information without prior permission.

Traduccion al Castellano:

Gloria, la madre de una de mis amigas de colegio, me enseñó cómo hacer este postre y desde entonces, su receta si bien modificada, ha permanecido conmigo .

Para ver la receta, visita mi blog de Hola! Historias de una cocina Londinense

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