Year: 2011

Isle of Wight wedding

Only a couple of weeks ago we attended a wedding at the isle, and i must say that we had a lovely time… The isle is lovely, landscape amazing and food very tasty. The wedding lunch was at the most gorgeous little place… The apple tree cafe in Freshwater (isle of Wight)… All so bucolic… and such a nice lifestyle business model: cafe, plant nursery, fresh produce shop… They have an orchard, gardens, a nursery, a shop a cafe… You can easily spend the day there looking around and enjoying a lovely company. Another brilliant place we found was the b&b we stayed in. Casati house at Ryde: a b&b with club membership to host parties. The owner, a former jeweller and avid antique lover uses the gorgeous Edwardian house to display vintage clothing and accessories, some of which you can also purchase. What a great find, and champagne is part of the breakfast!

Who am I (my grandparents)

Two weeks ago, the last of my grandparents past away. She was rather elderly and very tired so it was natural that her frail self faded away… Despite all of this,  as I move from the third generation swiftly on to the second one and officially become an “adult”, her death has made me evaluate who  I am . And so I have decided to use the blog to reflect and whilst doing so, I am looking to make a little celebratory gesture as a send off of both my last granny and those who had already left. My name, as you probably know by now, is Cristina. I am from the Basque Country, a wonderful part of the Iberian peninsula where my family comes from. I am a Basque-language-speaker; one of the few (apparently only up to 2 million speak this language world wide). I even have a Basque Language Proficiency Certificate that formally confirms my competence. (Believe it or not this is a USP when looking for a job back home) (San Sebastian) The Basque Country is an area split …

So let me tell you a story

I was born in the Spain of the 70s, on the year before France died and the dictatorship ended. My home town, the city of San Sebastian is an extremely beautiful city where kings and queens (and also that old dictator) used to spend their summer enjoying invigorating sea baths. Elegant and lovely, but so very small that often my parents knew of my whereabouts before I got home. London is my adopted town. A complete chaos where millions of people live almost classified by typologies… well, maybe I am exaggerating, but it truly feels that way. Urban tribes or fashion trends which ever way you may want to look at it, set a very clear picture of the area they move on, and although the architectures have increasingly lost their identity, one can always count on the inhabitants to not require reading of the street plates. I am happy here. I can be what ever I want to be and nobody cares. You do get a great sense of freedom. But freedom comes with a price sometimes… Yesterday I had lunch with …